Fashion has often been a form of expression. Rather formal, casual or lounge wear, the appearance of each has shifted due to popular culture. A once limited industry where the consumer was left at the mercy of high end fashion houses and there mannequins draped in garment to direct the average consumer on how to dress, now the consumer directs fashion on how to dress the mannequin. It is in the shadows of this change of culture that Off The Rip was created.

OFF THE RIP is a fashion hub for creative person(s) looking to express there ideas on fabric. It is our focus to help create, manufacture, display, sell and ship the fashion concepts of the average individual while sharing in the profits. This is accomplished by assisting each person with a graphic designer to draft there ideas. Designate a web link through Off The Rip to display there content. Produce the item while selling and shipping the item to consumers interested in that brand.