Vendor Info

Off The Rip is a Production House vastly becoming a Fashion Hub where people around the world connect to design, display, sell, and buy the latest fashion trends. 

Off The Rip, LLC continually seeks new vendor partners to provide merchandise for our on line presence, as well as goods and services for use in our operations. In doing so, Off The Rip, LLC recognizes that at the heart of retailing is creativity and that by bringing together a broad array of talents, each participant is enhanced. This is particularly true in our vendor relationships. As our vendors begin to grow from coast to coast to worldwide, we continue to see the benefits this diversity brings to all of us in the retail industry. From a business perspective, we know that if we want to continue to be the best at what we do, then we need to attract and retain the best talent, both as employees and suppliers. This is essential to the future of our business, and in turn, to yours. 

In the future planning of many initiatives Off The Rip, LLC has in mind, on behalf of our expanding diversity strategy, vendor diversity is an area of special importance. To assist in the growth of talented small businesses, Off The Rip, LLC  strives to enhance and support vendors who are Black/Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). We work to display, plus present goods and services from these business enterprises and encourage prospective suppliers to join us as partners. Partnerships are truly a win-win – Off The Rip, LLC discovers talented new vendors for high quality, competitively priced merchandise and as vendors see their businesses grow. It is this growth that is essential for the health and growth of the communities where we all live and do business.

It is our purpose to offer Graphic Design artist(s) to help draft and design the ideas of YOU the people that make fashion trends possible. Once finalized, Off The Rip will offer a web link that will display your content on its website for purchase, manufacture and ship around the world.

Off The Rip is located in New York City, home to where many fashion trends begin. It is our on-line presence that enables us to reach around the world to like minded people like yourself, the fashion designer that YOU are.

Once your items is available for display on Off The Rip, our policy is to ‘Print On Demand’. This feature significantly cuts down on cost to YOU the ‘VENDOR’ by only producing the item that’s needed upon receiving an order from a purchase on or through the Off The Rip website via your link. Our DTG (DIRECT TO GARMENT) ability to print within minutes of receiving an order is the latest design techniques used in the fashion industry. Traditional techniques of Screen Printing and Embroidery are available but it is the latest techniques that we specialize in.

Our superior quality of printing On Demand coupled with our vast network of graphic designers to bring your design ideas to life is unrivaled in the industry. Offering each person a web link to display there content supported by our streamline production and shipping process makes Off The Rip a simple solution to making your fashion concepts available to the masses.

Off The Rip will provide services to help draft and design concepts of each vendor, if needed. Graphic Design time can vary on  the complexity of your design. Depending on what design package you choose, you will receive a set number of revisions to review and edit the process of your idea taking shape. Once finalized, your item will be available for display on the Off The Rip website and a web link will be assigned to you directly to share as a advertising tool to promote your content. Pricing of each item will be set according to the details provided by you, the VENDOR, on each submission sheet submitted pertaining to that item. When a purchase is made, an email will alert Off The Rip, and the VENDOR, notifying us that a transaction has been made. Off The Rip will review the order and allocate the necessary cost associated with the processing of that purchase while that balance is forwarded to the VENDOR of that brand. Next, Off The Rip will manufacture, package and ship purchase order to the shipping information associated with that order.